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CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS – Our eyelash growth serum combines potent Biotin peptides with 3HC™, a proprietary complex clinically shown to enhance the body’s ability to promote lash & brow growth by stimulating stem cells responsible for follicle development; Safe/irritation-free formulation.

TIRED OF BEING FOOLED BY STOCK PHOTOS? – Reviews with before/after pictures left by real users on Amazon speak for themselves – clinically proven ingredients with results in 6 weeks or your money back.

3HC™ HAIR STIMULATING COMPLEX – This breakthrough complex is comprised of a unique blend of stem cell-derived active ingredients that boost the turnover of the stem cells responsible for regulating hair follicle development; Clinically indicated to expand the number of growing fibers and to increase the ratio of follicles in the anagen phase (growth) relative to the telogen phase (resting/dying).

POTENT, EFFECTIVE & NON-IRRITATING – Our formulation was carefully designed to provide the maximum amount of growth among non-RX grade enhancers, without the use of common growth enhancing ingredients known to cause skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes and redness of the eyelids.

CUSTOM APPLICATORS FOR PRECISE AND EASY USE – We have included 2 re-usable applicators with bristles that are specifically designed to be precise enough for application to the eyelashes but thick enough for easy and thorough use on brows.

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